Boarding Options at Stage Coach Stables

  • Barn 1 Full Care - $600

  • Barn 2 Self Care - $400 

  • Pasture - $375

*A hay surcharge may be applied depending on the market

Full and Self Care boarding include feeding(1), watering, daily turnout (2), and handling of the horse for the vet and farrier (3).

(1) Owner is responsible for providing grain/supplements.


(2) Horses will not be turned out during inclement weather. We offer community turnout only (mares and geldings are turned out in separate paddocks). Individual/injury paddocks MAY be available, but use is not guaranteed, and an additional fee will apply. 

(3) Staff will catch and hold the horse for veterinary and farrier services IF the owner chooses to use the same providers as SCS. We will not handle horses on an individual basis, separate from the day/time previously scheduled by SCS.


Full Care stalls will be cleaned and bedded by SCS staff. It is the responsibility of the owner to clean and bed Self Care stalls. 


Pasture boarding includes round bales when needed, daily health checks, and handling of the horse for the vet and farrier. 


All boarders have access to the barn and amenities, as well as use of a locker in one of the tack rooms. 

Prices as of 5/1/19